21st Ensemble Festival
Creative Work House – Radziejowice Palace

Chamber Music Interpretation Masterclass
Jazz Masterclass


Why is the Ensemble Festival considered so unique?
Because it truly is!
The Ensemble Festival is a magical time set in an amazing location, surrounded by wonderful people.
In a nutshell, it’s an extraordinary experience…

The Adventure

The Ensemble Festival joyfully invites to participate in a unique artistic adventure for the 21st time. During the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to form new ensembles and interpret splendid musical and theatrical pieces alongside excellent artists. The fruits of your collaborative efforts will be showcased during concerts and performances open to the public at Radziejowice Palace.

How to apply

If you would like to apply and become a part of an amazing team of artists, please choose one of the fields of interests listed below and follow the link to fill out and submit the appropriate form.

Chamber Music
Interpretation Masterclass

Throughout the Festival, we will create teams comprising both students and professors. This fosters collaboration between recognized musicians and their disciples. Such a cooperative approach allows for creative discussions about interpreting pieces, drawing on the diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds of participants. Young musicians will work in small groups under the guidance of esteemed professors. The results of your rehearsals will be presented during six concerts held at the New House of Art in Radziejowice.

The Artists

Mackenzie Melemed (piano, USA/FIN)
Jakub Jakowicz (violin, POL)
Szymon Krzeszowiec (violin, POL)
Marcin Markowicz (violin, POL)
Artur Rozmysłowicz (viola, POL)
Jakob Kullberg (cello, DEN)
Maciej Młodawski (cello, POL)
Sebastian Aleksandrowicz (oboe, POL)

Calling all violin, viola, cello, and piano students – this one’s for you!

Chamber Music Interpretation Masterclass will take place on August 28 – September 9, 2024.


Jazz Masterclass

Renowned musician Marcin Masecki extends an invitation to a workshop on musical improvisation. The formula is open-ended; we won’t confine ourselves to a single style. Instead, we’ll draw inspiration from jazz, classical music, film scores, folk tunes, dance rhythms, and all the other musical histories that shape us. Improvisation is viewed as a natural and organic way of making music, transcending stylistic boundaries. When done in a group, it sharpens our senses beautifully, requiring empathy, compromise, assertiveness, and responsibility.

Under Marcin Masecki’s guidance, the ensemble will spend a week crafting their musical identity and preparing for the final concert. Together, they’ll present a jointly conceived musical story.

Calling all jazz musicians with various specialties – join us for this inspiring journey.

Jazz Masterclass will take place on August 31 – September 9, 2024.

Entry deadline with required attachments: June 30, 2024.

We will inform you about recruitment results on the website, the Facebook fanpage and via e-mail till July 7, 2024.

Persons short-listed for participation in the workshops shall pay the entry fee (2000 PLN) until July 22, 2024.

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