20th Ensemble Festival
August 27 - September 03, 2023
Creative Work House – Radziejowice Palace

Classical music concerts
Jazz improvisations
Theater performance


  • Radziejowice

Creative Work House – Radziejowice Palace

The Creative Work House in Radziejowice is a state cultural institution run by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The place is bustling with life, with more than sixty artistic events taking place here every year. Visitors have the opportunity to attend classical and jazz music concerts, performances and exhibitions. Master classes for instrumentalists and vocalists are also held here, in collaboration with, among others, the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute. Radziejowice is visited by artists taking up new professional challenges here. The twenty-six hectares of land include the Palace, Castle, Larch Manor, Swiss Villa, Smithy, Foursquare, Katharsis Building and New Art House.

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