“Former Mine” Science and Art Centre

The Science and Art Centre Old Mine in Wałbrzych is the greatest attraction of post-industrial tourism in Poland. It is located in the area of former Hard Coal Mine named „Julia”( Thorez), which employed a few thousands of employees at the peak of the activity. Revitalization ended in 2014 gave the opportunity to rise this special object on the tourist map of Poland. Thanks to the hired in Old Mine guides – ex miners, who had worked in „Julia” Mine before, every visitor can see a great piece of mine infrastructure and have opportunity to get to know really dangerous and demanding miner job.

The Old Mine included:

The Museum of Industry and Technic – the place where you can get to know the history of carbon, mining and miners who had to work in extremely dangerous conditions.

The Modern Art Gallery – The Old Mine is also a place, where outstanding artists present their work during temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The Unique Ceramics Centre – this place offer ceramic and pottery workshops, during which every participant deals with the choosen technic of modeling in clay.




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