Wałbrzych does not reveal its charms straight away. However, a patient tourist is awarded with a splendid panorama of picturesque mountains and astonishing touristic spots.

The fading stereotype associates Wałbrzych with heavy industry, yet this seems to be turning into distant history. For years now, the city has been characterized by clean air, ocean of green, 52 km of touristic routes and over 170 km of cycle paths. Although the city is inhabited by 120 thousand people, 2/3 of its territory is wooded or rural, scattered around valleys and hills of Wałbrzych Mountains. There is no other city of this size with as many touristic routes. There is no other place with as ne cycle paths, which was con rmed by the participants of the MTB European Championships.

In June 2013, Centre for Active Leisure Aqua-Zdrój was opened, becoming the most modern object of that type in Lower Silesia. It composes of water park, sport and show hall, hotel, and a tness, sauna and athletic renewal complex.

Wałbrzych is not attractive in a transit way, therefore an enormous touristic potential of the city, unbeatable in Lower Silesia but for Wrocław, is not fully explored. Nevertheless, each searching tourist leaves the place enchanted – especially with the Książ Castle, the sixth biggest castle in Europe, visited by 300 thousand tourists a year. Another great asset is Książ Stable of Stallions, with one of the most beautiful sheltered riding schools in Europe. A nearby Palmhouse, with 80 species of plants from all over the world, is one of three in Poland. These three objects create a unique complex in Poland, which combines architectural, oristic and recreational qualities. Here, in the north of the city, one can spend a lot of time, without being bored for even a minute. The time devoted to the south of Wałbrzych is also not wasted.

The old town holds two old squares, which is quite unusual, an amazing Czetryc palace and sites of sacral signi cance. An intensively revitalised Old Mine Multi-cultural Park is one of the most valued sites of technology in the world.

Wałbrzych can also o er high-end culture. Sudecka Philharmonic has surprised us with international success many times before. And one of the most recognised stages of Poland belongs to Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre.




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